About Oil & gas Services

Oil & Gas Services is qualified and registered heating and plumbing contractors based in The South Mayo area servicing the Mayo, Galway and Roscommon regions. Registered and certified by the following nationally recognised bodies.

  • Registered gas installers of Ireland (RGII)
  • Bord Gáis
  • Oil fired technician (OFTEC)
  • Blue flame approved.

We also install the following:

  • Natural gas.
  • Flo gas.
  • Calor gas.

We have fifteen years experience in the areas of domestic and industrial plumbing.  

We have vast experience in all of the following areas:

  • Servicing of oil boilers, gas boilers and water heaters.
  • Repairs of oil boilers, gas boilers and water heaters.
  • Full oil and gas installations.
  • Full heating and plumbing installations.
  • Installation of high efficiency oil and gas condensing boilers.
  • Design and installation of time and temperature controls.
  • Gas fire installations.
  • Design and installation of under-floor heating systems.


Blue flame certification.

Nationally accredited and certified in the following:

  1. Domestic/commercial oil firing commissioning and servicing pressure jet appliances.
  2. Domestic/commercial oil firing system installation and fuel conservation.
  3. Domestic/commercial oil storage tank installation.
  4. Gas installer-essential gas safety.
  5. Gas installer-domestic gas installations.
  6. Domestic gas servicing technician.

Registered member of Sustainable energy Ireland


Our overriding concern at all times is to be compliant with the principal requirements of the health and safety at work act of 1974.

  1. Secure the health safety and welfare of people at work.
  2. Protect others against health and safety risks arising from work activities.
  3. Control the acquisition, keeping and use of explosive and highly flammable substances.
  4. Control the emission of noxious or offensive substances into the atmosphere.

Installation, Servicing and commissioning:

  • Oil boilers.
  • Gas boilers.
  • Oil ranges.
  • Oil stoves.
  • Gas fires.
  • High efficiency, condensing boilers.
  • Domestic and non domestic oil tanks.

We are certified to offer a full range of professional advice on the needs analysis, planning and correct installation on all of the above. Special emphasis would be placed upon the following.

  1. Combustion: Air requirements.
  2. Carbon monoxide analysis.
  3. Combustion efficiency readings.
  4. Flues and chimneys: Inspection / Flue safety / Termination.

Registered and certified with the following:
Registered RGII Gas Installer Registered OFTEC Technician
Calor Flo Gas Blue Flame Certified
Bord Gais Certified

Ph: (094) 936 5946
Mob: 087 917 0931
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